Email Validation reduces bounces by 60%

Palo Alto, CA
Tech Stack: Hubspot Marketing Pro, Make & Zerobounce
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Together by Renee the first app to use generative AI to complete and manage cumbersome healthcare tasks for aging adults, those with chronic diseases and their overwhelmed caregivers. Together requires no typing or data entry and uses just the smartphone camera and AI to “magically” remove the myriad obstacles — such as medication refills, scheduling appointments, complex forms, opaque insurance benefits and more — that stand between Americans over 50 and better health outcomes. 


Together has been using Hubspot for CRM and email marketing. Some of the leads generated from advertising on specialty health related websites had emails with typos or disabled mailboxes,  resulting in high bounce rates for the onboarding emails. Because high bounce rates affect the company's sending score they were looking for a solution.

  • Solution: Web Imagine implemented a fully automated email validation solution using Make (the app) and Zerobounce
  • Because the client did not  subscribe to the Operations Pro version of Hubspot, automation had to be done using 3rd party tools (Make). 
  • As soon as contacts are created in Hubspot they are added to a active list that triggers the automation
  • Make passes the email address to Zerobounce for validation and writes the results back into Hubspot
  • The whole process is very fast and only adds a small delay in sending the first email to the customer. 
66 %
Bounce Rate Reduction
10 %
Cost savings

Happy Customers


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