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Corina is FLAT OUT AMAZING!!!! As a fast-moving startup CEO, I dread consultants. Most don't deliver, overcharge and require tons of hand-holding. Corina is the exact opposite of that. She is incredibly talented, fast, committed, available, resourceful and cost effective. On top of which, she's incredibly easy and fun to work with and always a step ahead of our needs. She's become a part of the team and her hours/billing are absurdly reasonable. I give her my strongest possible recommendation.


Simply the best. Fast, reliable, accurate, insightful. I can't even describe how helpful WEBimagine has been. Our company went from multiple data silos to a centralized repository of not just data but useful data. We have a single source of truth that we now manage the company of off. All along the way WEBimagine has helped us automate processes, clean up data, and fully utilize HubSpot to save time and find insights. I would highly recommend working with WEBimagine.


A total lifesaver! Corina from Web Imagine has been an absolute lifesaver for us. We first met her when we were about two months into implementing Marketing Hub Pro and Service Hub Pro ourselves... and it wasn't going terribly well. Immediately, she assessed what we had done properly, what we had done poorly, understood our goals from the software, and put together an action plan to get it working the way we want. Fast-forward three months, we're now loving the software and keep working with Corina on a weekly basis to improve workflows and tackle new frontiers within the software. I've hired many different contractors over my 10 years of owning a business, and good people that are empathetic, trustworthy, and extremely smart can be hard to find. Corina is all of those things and we plan to keep collaborating with her for a long time to come!


Always a pleasure working together Corina has been a valuable resource for me at my last two companies. She is always helpful, always friendly, and always knowledgeable. Her engagements are fair and is willing to work more or less depending upon what you need. Every company needs a resource like her. I will continue to relay on her for all my HubSpot and marketing needs.


Working Corina is always a pleasure and she is highly trained on HubSpot I work closely with Corina, almost daily. She has a great ability to suggest ideas, implement and follow through to provide insights and data management. Our online sales have grown immensely through her email campaigns workflows and she is always available to help troubleshoot and teach. It's a joy working with her. I highly recommend WEBimagine!


Efficient, smart and savvy Corina has been a pleasure to work with! Not only is she efficient, smart and savvy, she is also very professional, patient, fun and kind. We had a complex migration with lots of data and different software that she was able to execute well, while setting up our new templates and continuously finding new ways to get us better and faster results. I highly recommend Corina!


Corina's Experience and Knowledge Simplify Complex Issues Corina does an excellent job helping to achieve the vision of a well-designed CRM. She was able to bring Customer Success ideas to live through her knowledge of the tool, creativity and candid feedback. This work is invaluable for any organization working to keep a single source of truth for all customer records!


Professional, Knowledgeable, reliable We have been working with Corina for a couple of months now. We were at our wits end with HubSpot but knew there was much value in the platform, we were just lost on how to navigate it. We were making call after call into the general customer service and this was getting us absolutely nowhere. We found Corina as a HubSpot Consultant and she opened our eyes to the benefits and functions of HubSpot. Her professionalism and Knowledge on the HubSpot platform and ability to make it perform and integrate with our website and social platforms, is a business life saver. Corina is part of our team and is involved in all of our marketing and CRM meetings and she is our go to for troubleshooting. Her response time to help with on the spot technical issues is reliable with very quick turn around for answers and solutions to problems. Corina is very committed to learning our business and is dedicated to helping us grow. We are so happy to have found Corina to work with us on our journey!!! Anyone managing a customer database with HubSpot, should have Corina on their team!




Efficient help when you need it most Was referred to Corina by another startup. She was very easy to connect with, asked great questions to understand our requirements, and gave a handful of stage-appropriate recommendations related to CRM setup, campaign workflows, and email marketing. Was very helpful and efficient. She is now our trusted advisor with respect to digital demand gen and marketing infrastructure. Highly recommend.


Corina can do it all! Corina has been crucial to the successful launch and maintenance of inDinero's HubSpot. No matter what question I throw at her, she always has a quick and thoughtful response that drastically improves our workflows and overall efficiency. We cannot thank her enough for all she has done and continues to do!













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