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Projects & Case Studies

Some of the ways we used Hubspot to drive business for our clients.

Hubspot Marketing Implementation
Sealand has been using Hubspot as it’s CRM for over 2 years but the integration with it’s ecommerce platform was deficient and they were not sending any targeted email communications to existing clients.  Messy data & missing contact info was a problem for  sales reps.
Hubspot Pro Implementation
Using many unconnected apps has proven very challenging as there was no visibility on lead generation campaigns and lead follow-up. The focus of this project was to get as many of the pre-purchase customer interactions (marketing & sales) under the same umbrella in Hubspot.
Review program increases product reviews 5x
Sealand has been in business for over 30 years with many loyal repeat customers but their Google reviews were low at 3.4 stars and were dominated by some random rants. Website did not have any product reviews.
Hubspot Enterprise Implementation
The vision was to roll out HubSpot across the organization, starting with marketing and sales and extending to the 3-rd party independent stores.