Hubspot Enterprise Implementation


Regency Fireplace Products is a leading manufacturer of gas and wood fireplaces with distribution through a network of over 2500 authorized dealers throughout North America and Australia.

the project

Regency purchased the Enterprise flavour of HubSpot which comes with HubSpot’s Marketing Enterprise, Sales Pro and Service Pro products, as well as the HubSpot CMS. The vision was to roll out HubSpot across the organisation, starting with marketing and sales and extending to the 3-rd party independent stores.

Hubspot implementation
1 +
Years in Business
450 +
20000 +
Leads per Year

As the lead for this project I managed the project including stakeholder consultation & requirement documentation, marketing automation selection, project management, liason between different internal teams. 

  • Transition from a mix of 3 different marketing software packages (leads management, email and automation) to a integrated software package
  • Improve user experience
  • Increase % of leads that get qualified and get assigned to sales reps 
  • Multilingual to support the French Canada market
Regency website design
crm setup
CRM Setup

CRM was setup to match the sales process, B2B2C, manufacturer to distributor and 3-rd party stores. Different deals pipelines were setup, each with it’s own stages, notifications and workflows.

Contact migration

Contacts & companies were migrated from the old systems, segmented and imported into Hubspot. Special attention was paid to import the list of unsubscribes from the different old systems in order to assure CASL, CAN-SPAM & ACMA compliance.  

integrations setup

Due to the complex sales scenario and pre-existing web features, custom development was needed for lead assignment, geocoding and connecting to ERP. 

worklows for automation
Workflow creation
Everything from qualification to segmentation, emails, notifications & reminders, webhooks to API was handled by workflows.  


Marketing Hub

Initial setup included lead capture forms, landing page development, 

content audit & planning of new content development. Email marketing: campaign, triggered & nurturing emails.

landing pages
Sales Hub
Setup 3 deals pipelines for different client types – each with different stages, notifications, workflows & reporting. 
Leads scoring and assignment – setup leads scoring based on the information provided by the contact in the form, web and email behaviour – once lead reached the desired score it was auto assigned to store in the area based on a complex assignment algorithm.



Dashboards were setup for different type of users: sales, sales management or marketing. Weekly recurring emails for sales dashboards kept everyone informed.  

Remote and in-person training for sales, marketing and customer service team members was supplemented by written documentation and videos.  


landing page example
email nurture
e-book sample
Email nurturing

Thumbs up from users

Increased leads from E-book downloads
Increased quality of Leads assigned to Sales
Increase user engagement

After the initial launch were able to quickly integrate additional Hubspot elements as needed. 

Additional benefits
  • Increased agility & improved the efficiency of marketing team – as Hubspot is easy to use and more templates and assets were built – more staff were trained and were able to develop landing pages and emails as needed
  • More precise lead assignment – decrease in leads getting rejected by the stores because of product line mis-match or areas served (custom development)
  •  Better communication with potential customers by use of chat-bot
Regency website design
“I worked with Corina on several projects developing our corporate brand and creating a leads system that would build sales and provide detailed measurement data to senior management. Corina was able to work with a diverse senior management group as well as a sales and marketing team; understanding their needs and communicating requirements and goals. Her intelligent approach to the whole marketing and sales solution and her deep understanding of technology made her an invaluable leader on our team.”
Deborah Millichamp
Vice President, Regency Fireplace Products

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